Bryce Greene

Do you have a family member or loved one who is Deaf or Hard of Hearing and communicates using ASL? Would you like to learn more about Deaf Culture? Have you always wanted to learn a new Language? Are you looking for a cool new hobby that will help you in more ways than you ever imagined? 

Optimal Hearing's New Marketing Intern Creates a VLOG, Signed By Bryce, Teaching American Sign Language!


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Hello Future Signature Signers,

I’m Bryce Greene and I would love nothing more than to teach you ASL!

 I am a hearing person, meaning I use my ears to listen. I am not an expert signer, but I have taken many classes at the University of Georgia (GO DAWGS) and plan to continue studying Sign Language and also Audiology after I graduate.  I absolutely ADORE ASL and I'm very passionate about the language as well as the Deaf and HH communities. I would like to share my passion with all of you, so that you can learn the language too! 

Learning a new language is incredibly fun and a great skill to have professionally, but more importantly, Learning ASL will allow you to experience a whole new world as you learn to communicate with an ENTIRE community of amazing people you otherwise may not have known. 

I'm so excited to have the opportunity to help you along your journey of becoming a SIGNATURE SIGNER! 

Join me by subscribing to my channel, Signed by Bryce on YouTube where I will post both fun and instructional videos each week! 


See you there! 


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