Your Hearing Aids Have Arrived. Now What?

Once your audiologist or hearing care professional has ordered hearing aids based on your hearing loss and preference, the next appointment will be the fitting.

  1. During this appointment, you will receive your NEW hearing aids!
    Because they are new,  the hearing aids are not yet suited to your unique hearing requirements. The audiologist or hearing care professional will connect the hearing aids to a computer system and adjust the volume and other settings to the levels you prefer. (Other settings include managing feedback, battery light indicators, and programs on your hearing aids. )
    This appointment is also a good time to connect your hearing aids to your smartphone 📲. If your hearing aids have the capability, connecting them to your smartphone will allow you to switch between programs and change volume straight from your phone.

    During the last part of the appointment, you will be educated on how to care for your hearing aids. You will be shown how to change your batteries or use the charger, clean the aids, and how to replace the domes or wax guards.
  2. The next appointment will be the follow-up visit.
    The follow-up visit is usually scheduled for a date that is two to three weeks after you receive your hearing aids. The purpose of this appointment is to see how the hearing aids are working for you.
    During the two weeks, you are supposed to wear your hearing aids all waking hours and in your most popular settings, like in group conversation or while watching television. It would be a good idea to keep track of what is and is not working for you.        
     Helpful Hint: It would be a good idea to keep track of what is and is NOT working for you.  
    At the follow-up visit, the audiologist or hearing care professional will ask how you are adapting to your hearing aids. They will also ask if they need to improve the sound quality or feedback. More significantly, they will likely ask you if you are pleased with your hearing aid experience. These appointments are valuable because some individuals’ hearing can change from appointment to appointment, so there may be a need to have another hearing test done (kenhear.com).


While the thought of getting hearing aids may seem stressful, you will be supported throughout the entire process! 



Fun Fact:

Did you know that some hearing aid companies offer a  feature that turns your smartphone into a microphone? This means that the person you are trying to talk to can hold your phone and you can hear them directly in your hearing aids.





Source: http://kenhear.com/get-hearing-care-follow-appointments

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