Pollen and Our Ears

The “yellow stuff” we are going to be talking about is not earwax, but pollen. Believe it or not pollen, which seasonally inhibits allergies, can cause temporary ear problems and discomfort.[...]

March Madness!

March is full of madness! Maybe it is due to the clocks going back an hour, or spring starting, or the basketball tournament that takes over all of the sports world, but what March does not have to[...]

How to Travel with Hearing Aids

Hearing aids are special. If you leave them at home, forget the charger/batteries, or forget the needed accessories, you cannot just go to your local supermarket and get what you are missing. Apart[...]

Snapshot: History of Hearing

The earliest skeletal remains were believed to have hearing loss were found in Iraqi Kurdistan around 10,000 - 45,000 years ago. Scientists assumed there was hearing loss involved due to finding bony[...]

Are you in the loop?

Staying up-to-date on all of the latest information is good, but that is not the type of loop we are going to be talking about!

Over the Counter: A New Way to Get Hearing Aids

What used to be the only way to buy hearing aids would be from a professional hearing specialist. As of 2018, the FDA passed a bill that would allow the distribution of OTC hearing aids, or[...]

What is Auditory Processing Disorder?

Auditory Processing Disorder, also known as Central Auditory Processing Disorder or simply APD, is a disorder affecting the ability to understand speech. Those with this disorder are not able to[...]

Can Hearing Loss Be a Predictor of Dementia?

Scientific studies have shown that if an individual is born with hearing loss, they typically have other diseases or disorders accompanying the hearing loss.

Are Hearing and Listening the Same Thing?

“I hear you, but I’m not listening”

Why Doesn't My Insurance/Medicaid Cover Hearing Aids?

Did you know that 37.5 million Americans have trouble with hearing but less than 40 percent have ever tried them?