Tinnitus And Hearing Aids

Recent studies have revealed than more than 40 million Americans have experienced some form of tinnitus (see download below for more information). Though the discomfort rate may vary from barely[...]

Speaking With Our Patients

The more involved I become with the challenges of the hearing impaired, the more I realize the obstacles they face. Having recently interviewed several patients at most of our locations throughout[...]

Courageous Lions Help Savannah’s Hearing Impaired

Community groups such as Lions Clubs in Savannah, Roswell, and all across the country have a noble tradition of assisting the hearing impaired. Lions provide help for the hearing impaired through[...]

Helping A Loved One With Hearing Challenges

Common Misunderstanding: The Root Of The Problem Poor hearing is the root cause of many communications problems. How can we communicate effectively if we are only getting a small percentage of the[...]