How Do Hearing Aids and Rain Mix?


RAIN RAIN GO AWAY, I’D LIKE TO HEAR ANOTHER DAYHow Do Hearing Aids and Rain Mix?For the past couple of weeks, the South has been experiencing a significant amount of rain. When it is not raining, it tends to be damp and muggy outside. Unfortunately, rain, dampness, and mugginess are not the most ideal conditions for hearing aid wearers as they tend to cause the hearing aids to malfunction.
Hearing aids are electronic devices and DO NOT mix well with water. Why? Because the water is corrosive to the metal and electrical circuits in hearing aids and will cause them to stop functioning ( Thankfully, most hearing aids are designed to be rain resistant. This means that hearing aids can be worn in rain for minimal time and still operate normally. Some companies even have special accessories to make the hearing aids waterproof -- ideal for those who want to swim with their hearing aids!OOPS!  Your hearing aids are wet, what now? Accidents Happen. Right after you get your phone wet, one of the first ways you think to fix it, is to put it in rice. Your audiologist and hearing care professional DOES NOT recommend putting your hearing aid in rice. However, they DO RECOMMEND that you:
  Use a dehumidifier for the hearing aids. The dehumidifier is designed to be used overnight. All you have to do is put your hearing aids in the box. There are a variety of brands that offer dehumidifiers with different features.    Let it dry naturally. Open the battery door of the hearing aid and remove the battery. Then you can blot the hearing aid with a tissue and let it dry on its own.     Schedule an appointment. You can have your audiologist or hearing care professional check your hearing aids to make sure they are properly working.  
You should never attempt to dry your hearing aids by putting them in the microwave or oven or using a blow dryer on them. Besides the rain, there are other ways your hearing aid can get wet. It is suggested that you do not wear your hearing aids when you are swimming, showering, or in places that are humid and wet. If your hearing aids get a little wet, it’s not the end of the world… however, it’s very important to know how to care for them if they do!



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